Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to my site

This website is dedicated to published works that have inspired me over the years.

This project started out with a friend having problems to which has lead me to provide her with Scriptures and magazine articles related to her troubles to bear her pain. Thankfully, she was open for that kind of counseling and has now professed her faith stronger than ever and feels very blessed no matter her circumstance.  That prompted me to make a blog out of all the spiritual articles and publications that it may be of help to those who are seeking to have an online spiritual reference amidst their busy lives. Hey, if you have time to spend on Facebook, it wouldn't hurt to spend a few minutes on this site, right? ;)

The purpose of this site is to inspire, inquire, challenge and congregate believers into a virtual spiritual community. You  may use this site as reference for a variety of needs such as, personal, group Bible study, and the like.

But first, let me introduce myself.  I have been interested in the unknown... The mysterious.... The taboo and the emo - this lead me to a lot of research and a personal spiritual discovery. One that is a life long journey to continue. My curiosity also lead me to various places in Asia and Australia (thanks to the company I used to work for). In a nutshell, the phrase I used in 'About Me' is an apt description of myself.

In this site you will find:

JOURNALS - it may be articles from magazines which have an impact on me. Mostly are, but not limited to Intouch magazines. They are categorized in various subjects for easier reference. A subject may contain more articles. It is still a work in progress as I am limited with the settings of

BOOK REVIEWS - Since I have a love affair with books, I would like to share my thoughts on books I've read particularly the inspirational kind since this website is all about that. (Coming soon) 

POP TURNED PRAISE - A Playlist section at the bottom of this blogsite of Praise songs that I love (and have in my iPod), as well as Pop songs that can be turned into praise. Some songs may also be featured at the main page from time to time.
DONATE TO: Obviously this site is not monetized and is a non-profit deal. But should you feel the need to be generous, you may donate to the following organizations I am passionate about.

FELLOWSHIP: I still don't know how this works but will update you from time to time. All I know is  you have to have a google / blogger account and start from there, you are welcome to be part of the fellowship of believers, or you may -

SPREAD THE LOVE - feel free to share on your personal webpage any article that you find interesting or think that may be of help to you, your friend, or your church group.

SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE: For US and Canada residents, subscribe for free to receive InTouch magazines and be inspired with just a few clicks of a button.

MY OTHER PASSIONS: are websites that interest me and may be helpful resources.
Lastly, I hope this site would be a blessing for all those who never get tired in search for the truth and the meaning of life.

What a joy to be a blessing to others! Isn't that what life is all about?

Enjoy and have a blessed day!